Just one of those days

Dear Reader,

Today….was eventful. I have to say it was not a way I wanted to start my adventure, but it was definitely a start. I got in a fight with my best friend. It was all a big misunderstanding…but…you know how those turn out. Don’t you reader. But its Ok. People say fights bring out true character….so maybe I will find out whether or not this is worth it. I sure hope it is. Because Reader, I love that girl like my sister. And it sucks to fight. A lot.

But good things also happened to me reader. A cute boy asked me for my number. And I gave it to him. We text almost every day! And I know reader, I know, its not something to scream and shout about…but….I just can’t help but giggle and squeal, because reader…he called me SWEET!  How can you not squeal at that. And it doesn’t help that I can be a bit of a flirt. Just a bit. But still.. Reader. You know its a good thing when a cute guy calls you sweet.  Even if it about a math project you know…man. I just..yeah. I feel a little giddy.

You probably think I am some crazy girl who is obsessed with guys. I’m not. I promise. I am crazy, but not obsessed with guys. Trust me. Guys suck. Except for..oh my gosh reader. We need a nickname for him! Let’s call him…idk. You help me come up with a code name so I can update you on our totally interesting love story. 😉

Also reader, my friend is in live with my friend. But, alas. She is to freaking shy to talk to him. So guess who is the wingman? Or should I say… Winggirl. Anyway, its me. In case you cared. And trust me…its so freaking awkward. But I don’t mind. I think they would be cute together.

Thanks for letting me ramble to you reader. Man. I feel better already. About life and my dramas. Thanks for reading! Love you reader!

❤ Morgan


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