School dances are overrated.

Welp. My school dance was a flop. Usually they are a lot more fun and a I have a blast! But lately…they have been…lacking almost. I just wanted to go…hide. Haha all well. You do what you can right? 😉

BTW I decided the code name for the cute guy I text is…Clifford. Don’t ask me why…its a long story..and my brain is too insane to understand. #adhdprobs

soooooo My sister (cousin who is like my sister…so I call her my sister) Told me that friends suck. and lately I have discovered that they kind of do. And that sucks! I pretty much just want to go cry in a whole and end the school year in that..haha I’m just weird. Its not that I don’t have friends ..because I have lots. And lots of them. I’m just not close to them. You know? #newbieprobs

My letter…or whatever you wanna call it is kind of full of probs that you probably don’t care about..but what ever. Life gives you lots of problems…you know? #lifeprobs <—haha that's my new thing…lol. I totally love it. Like I live running. And nutella. Mmmm…nutella.

Also, my friend totally told this guy to dance with me…and we are tight buddies..and I think…I think I like like him..(<–what are we? In elementary school? WHY DO I STILL USE THIS?!) But its not for sure…you know? Like my heart flutters when I see him…but then I see him as a bff and nothing more. UGH WHY DOES BEING A TEEN SUCK SOMETIMES? #boyprobs

Well…I probably just wasted your life. Sorry. Anyway…love you reader! ❤ Have a great weekend!

❤ Morgan


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