one word. SUMMER!!!!

Hey guys. Its summer. I am done with school for three months, and I am not going to sit around and be a lazy butt. Nope. In order to prevent that, I made a Bucket list…and here it is!!
                            SUMMER 2014 BUCKETLIST

*Get tan
*Get fit
*Run a race
*have a party
*Go to the beach
*Kool Aid dye my hair
*less computer and more sun
*make a new friend
*Go camping
*Visit old friends
*Play hide and seek in IKEA
*Play in the rain
*Have a paint fight
*Cover my street in chalk
*Go to the zoo
*Have a summer photo shoot
*Finish a coloring book
*Through darts at paint filled balloons
*Walk to the snow shack
*Eat all the samples at costco
*say yes to everything for a day
*buy white shoes and doodle on them
*feed the ducks
*Find a summer theme song
*play in sprinklers
*make a difference
*hike the y at night
*perfect a piano song
*sing a cover
*have a picnic
*Have a pet rock
*Messy twister
*Play the D.I. game

That’s not all folks..I just don’t want to type it out, so I will post a pic instead! 🙂


Have any of you made a bucket list?? What’s on it? Can’t wait to find out!! 🙂 Happy summer!


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