I Believe

So. There is this song.

Its called I believe.

By Christina Perri.

Its a good song.

Idk how but it just fits me.

The way the music is soft, not loud, quiet.

It kind of rolls over you in a relief as you realize

Its okay to not be okay some days.

That you aren’t the only one.

I mean..there is a song.

Other people are bound to fee the same way.

So I decided to share it, so you know

That I get it.

I understand.

You are never alone. Ever.


Not my picture…I wish it was…

Here is a link to the song..Listen to it! Yeah. Its cool. Actually jk. I do all my blogging on My phone..and it will only let me look at it on my YouTube app. So…Google it. It’ll do you some good. Promise.


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