Society Sucks.

So basically society sucks.

I don’t mean like a little bit, I mean a lot.

People say that how you look

Your popularity

Your weight

Your grades

The phone you have

Don’t matter.

But you know they do.

No matter how many

People promise

They don’t care

You know they do.

In the inside.

And it hurts like a mother.

You just want to be alright.

Be okay.

Be likeable

You take their lies and prejudice

And make it a reflection of you.

And its stupid.

You shouldn’t.

What people think about you shouldn’t matter.

I know I’m really not one to talk


What people think about me matters.

It may sound like I’m one of those people

Who preach

About not having to try

Or care

Or having anyone to prove yourself to

But I feel the same.

I try.

I feel insecure.

And no one seems to care.

Or notice.

But I do.

So let’s make a pact.

No more lies.

No more

I’m fine

Because we aren’t.

We are hurting

Cracking under the pressure and

It doesn’t matter to anyone.

Well it matters to me.


Don’t lie to me.

Tell me about how screwed up

You think society is.

And I will agree and get into a heavy debate.

But as for confidence?

I feel the same.

Let’s work on that.

Let’s not care…together.

We are all just kids who grew up way too fast.


Not mine. Promise, that’s not my head. Or picture. Its someones. Idk..I found it on pinterest


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