I’m here for you…


Today, my friend needed me.

And I was there for her.

And it felt good.

She needed someone to walk around with her, calm her down and take her mind off of things. And I was there.

Nothing is better than that feeling.

I feel like people

Had to grow up fast.

Too fast.

We spent our childhood wishing we were older.

And now?

The drama free,

Boy free

Days are over.

And now I feel like

The reason us teenagers

Are so “problematic”

Is we wish that we didn’t grow up so fast.

That we were just a kid.

And in that moment when I was with my friend,

I knew that she just wanted to be a little kid.

She wanted to crawl into her moms Lap and just cry.

But her mom wasn’t there

And she was too.. “Old”

So I gave her a hug. And let her cry.

I think we all need to have someone who will let us be like a little kid.

Just for a while.

Im that someone.

Because I know what its like

To be a kid who grew up way too fast…


Not mine..but really powerful and my favorite thing ever


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