Adventuring (finally)

I went to St George this weekend.

To a place with

No WiFi


Or cute boys.

At first

I was disappointed.

I thought I would die of boredom..

But I didnt.

I went on a long


Got lost.

Saw a couple making out

In a car

It was gross

But exciting.

I climbed

All over rocks

Went swimming

Wanted to swear at my

Pill of a


I went to

Dell taco

At 1:00 in the morning

Watched sister wives

For the first time in..

A year. And

I went three days

Without my phone

Or anything

And I survived.


But I lived.

And I had a freaking adventure.

Check it out guys

Morgan had an adventure.

This needs to go down in the books…

Guess my blog will have to count.image


All mineee. That’s my brother. That’s me. That’s my picture of a street and my cool rock/mountain picture


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