its been too long. 

Very long. 

I haven’t been busy 

There really is no excuse.

I was just slacking I guess. 

I didn’t think I had anything to write about. 

But I guess now I do. 

I dunno. 

There is this boy, 

And he is only talking to me

Because he wants something out of me 

And it scares me. 

We will be having a nice conversation

When out of no where

He says “When can I kiss you” 

And what I want to say is: “Never”

But instead I say “Later.” 

I’m so scared of hurting his feelings

That I’m not saying what I need to say. 

What I need to say is: no….because you are 

Scaring me.

I feel like people don’t say what they need to

They say what they think is important for them self and that is it.

But really, you need to say what you need. 

If that makes sense. 

Don’t hurt yourself because you are worried about hurting 



You should be more important. 

They are damaging


That is abusive. 

The phrase: “if you love me do this” 




Get out of that situation. 


Because nothing is more important 

Then your

Well being. 

You are important

Don’t stay in those abusive or scary situations. 

Get rid of them.  



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