Monsters in my head

Monsters in my head

There are monsters in my head. 

They dance on my tongue

Make me think people lie 

 Make me want to cry. 

They tell me I’m not enough

They take my feelings and push them

Into the dirt 

Where I lose


The monsters in my head are different. 

They pretend to be my friend

And while sometimes they are nice, I also wish it would end. 

Sometimes they are good to me

And other times I wonder how they could be.

There is something wrong they say

You should go our way.

But the monsters in my head

Or your head are wrong. 

There is nothing wrong with you. 

The way you look





You don’t need to go their way. 

The monsters in your head are liars. 

You deserve all the wonders of this world

Even if the monsters say you don’t. 

I’m not saying that it won’t hurt

And you won’t want to give up

Because you will.

The monsters in your head have a mighty grip

But it will slip

And the sun will rise and shine

And you’ll be Okay. And so will I. 

Because the monsters in our heads? 

They will die. 


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