When I met you, things were different.
You were different, I was different. 
I was afraid of adventuring and living. 
I never really made mistakes, I didn’t do anything new. Ever. 
And then you came along. 
With your smile so bright, that signature smirk on your face always
You weren’t afraid of living
You put your head out of the car window on the freeway
You went exploring
You went off the trail when hiking
You did pranks
You laughed
You got kicked out of Walmart
You did all these things that I never dreamed of doing. 
You walked into my life, and then walked right out again. 
But you left me changed. 
Now I jaywalk sometimes
Now I go off the trail when hiking
I go to new restaurants
I try new hairstyles
I try new hobbies
And I can’t even be mad at you for leaving me
Because you left me changed. 
For good. 


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