You are my whole world 

He was always so different than I was. He tended to show off and I was more reserved. He had a wild and exciting personality while others tend to skip over me. I never really understood what he saw In me, until I asked. “What do you see In me?” My voice was a whisper, full of a vulnerability he would never see again. “Darling, I see all the stars in your eyes when you smile. I see grains of sand across your nose, I see a bright future, I see potential in your smarts, I see kindness in your heart, I see my whole world in all of you. Darling I love you because you’re you. And that’s all I need.”
//excerpt of a story I will never write #2//You’re my whole world//

Wow two whole posts in a week! It’s like a miracle or something! Also, just a reminder, none of these pictures are mine. The writing is but not the pictures so just remember that haha 


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