Cardboard Girl

In a cardboard city with its cardboard rules


There lived a cardboard cut out little girl


She wasn’t like her perfect peers,


whos sizes and and shapes were perfect, I fear


for some time she thought that there was something wrong with her


her eyes were too small,


she wasn’t too tall


her thighs and stomach were a little round


and she could never really find her voice



This cardboard girl began to try


to change what she was on the outside.


With exersize, dieting she took some off the sides,


until finally, she matched their views.


Yet as she continued, working hard to fit their cards,


she found herself losing grip


of what really made her click.


She became obsessed over how she looked, and less worried about how she was


she forgot to be kind,


she forgot her friends


her family,


the things that were important to her


all because of a simple number.


And that was when the cardboard girl realized,


she no longer wanted to live for this cardboard world


she was going to live for her.


All these rules and standards were not worth it


and so she went her own way.


She ate all the cookies she wanted


she exersized to stay healthy,


she slept in


she wore what felt comfy,


and she was happy.


And that was all that mattered.


Maybe this isn’t a cardboard world, and maybe you aren’t a cardboard girl, but you












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