“Growing up my mom always told me to do what makes me happy. I was never quite sure what she meant…and when she died a couple weeks ago, I have been pondering it ever since. What makes me happy. I thought of my baseball, I thought of money, I thought of power, I thought of all these worldly things, and then I thought of you. I thought of your bright smile, your deep dimples, your big blue eyes, your laugh. I thought of you and I couldn’t help but smile. You make me happy darling. So thats why I am here. I quit my job, I moved across the country because you make me happy, and wherever you want to go, I will follow. I love you.”//excerpt of a story I will never write #3//Happy


i am so sorryyyy there is no picture wordpress was being lame and wouldn’t let me put one on so sorry dudes


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