So today 
I told someone
I wrote poetry. 
And they laughed. 
I don’t think I have ever felt so small in my life. 
It was embarrassing. 
And then it made me wonder…
Have I ever done that? 
Have I ever heard something and then because of a 
I laugh? 
Like maybe someone likes chess

Doesn’t mean they are a nerd

And chess is cool. 

And maybe someone likes to have star war battle in the church parking lot

And that’s cool. 

People should be able to do

Without judgement or ridicule. 

If someone tells you they play the guitar you say 

That’s so hot

But if someone says they like to knit
You think oh crazy cat lady. 

Or dude. Hey it’s all cool. 

I just think that we as a society 
Should be more

And maybe that’s asking for too much, 

But I think people deserve to be acknowledged. 

That’s all. 
Rant done. 


Sorry two posts in two days like that’s really weird of me but I just had to rant and 120 character is not enough and so I’m doing it here. Anyway love you all thanks for being such sweet people 


5 thoughts on “Acceptance 

  1. This is written like a poem too, so cool. I’ve had similar weird reactions like writing and expression is taboo or something. Everyone speaks and expressions emotion, us writers do it in a different format is all. So forget the haters! 😡

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