Que Sera Sera

“Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.” 

Que sera sera…

In your life things happen. 

The boy you like doesn’t text back

The girl over there is telling lies

The boy over their said he doesn’t like your eyes. 

Your parents get divorced

Your life falls apart. 

Que sera sera. 

Is there anything that we can control? 

You can’t control the failings of others

You can’t tell them to stop as they talk bad about you to another

You can’t make someone love someone else. 

Whatever will be will be. 

Life is a party and you can chose to dance. 

Maybe the songs skip a couple times

And who knows you could trip and break an ankle. 

But whatever happens happens. 

Don’t waste those nights 

Those tears 

That heartache over things that you cannot control. 

If he cheated then he sucks. 

You didn’t do that. 

Others mistakes and bad choices don’t reflect on you. 

You are a good



Whatever happens happens

Just stay in your lane 

Because if you do

You’ll be okay. 


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