I crave adventure. 
I want an experience like the ones you read about in books. 
People traveling the world 
And somewhere on the way they find themself. 
I want to find myself. 

I feel like I’m hidden in a cafe in France,

Or on a bus in Bolivia
Or maybe trapped in a zoo in New York. 
I want an adventure. 
I want a truck packed full of snacks 
And one backpack with all the things I’ll need. 
I want to feel the air of a new place on my skin
A different cities sun on my face. 
I want it. 
But sometimes what we want isn’t what we need. 

Maybe to find myself I need to change it up. 
Maybe say yes instead of no. 

Take a different way to work.

Adventures don’t have to be big

They just have to be different. 

And maybe when I’m a little different, 

The adventures will come easy. 

But for now, maybe I’ll eat at a different restaurant
And hope for the best. 
Because life is full of changes
And I can’t wait for life to change me. 

Look it’s my picture dudes 


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