When you miss someone its often because of a trigger.


Someone said or did something that reminded you of that one person,


and then you begin to reminisce.


You think of old times,


good laughs,


inside jokes..


and you develop an ache in your chest that doesn’t seem to go away,


no matter how many times you beg and plead and try to get rid of it.


And as you miss that one person you think you are still in love with them


but maybe if you take a step back and think for a minute,


you may realize you’re really in love with the memory of them.


You’re in love with the time you danced together, hiked together, laughed, walked around book stores, talked with each other and made those inside jokes.


You’re in love with the memories.


And being in love with a memory of a person is the hardest thing you can do.




super awkward rant about memories and someone who I’m not even sure about. Picture isn’t mine. Words are. Memories are. Feelings are. #lovesucksbutitalsodoesnt 


3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Funny you should post this. I was just thinking about everyone in 6th grade, and I got on Google+ to see what you were up to. I saw a book on a shelf that I had talked to you about, and it made me laugh. Made me think of you. The memories flooded my mind. Hope life is treating you well. Also, your words were very powerful. Nicely done.

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