So short

There was a birthday party at the childrens corn maze I work at yesterday.


And when the owners wished this little boy a happy birthday over the speakers of the entire park, I thought nothing of it.


Until they explained. This little boys birthday party was one he would have had, if he was alive.


He had died two months early in a car accident.


He would be four today.


And my heart broke.


This little boy had everything to live for you know?


And it just made me think about his family, the people that now had a whole in their heart that their son once filled.


It made me think how life is so so precious and when someone dies it not only effects that people knew the deceased, but the people that hear their story.


There is no end to your influence as a human.


Life is short, so impact as many as you can.


Live it. Live it for the little boy that won’t get the chance to.






and celebrate.

Idk guys. Life is just precious.




not my picture. Found it on pinterest..and this wasn’t really a poem sorry its just my feelings. But sometimes I feel like that can be more poetic than a poem you know? Word vomits are beautiful guys. Live it up. 


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