Beautiful disaster

She was a beautiful disaster. 

A mess of smart contridictions

She was tough and tender

Wild and tame

Happy and sad

He was an organized rainstorm. 

He was the calm before the rain

The quiet after the storm. 

He wanted to organize her. 

He wanted to bottle up her passions and place them on her dusty shelves. 

He tried to lasso her heart and put it in a jar that he could neatly label and pack away. 

He tried to clean her beautiful, disasterous soul. 

But the thing about cleaning up disasters is that you always give up halfway through. 

He thought that it would be easy to organize chaos, 

But then he realized how hard it is

And then he quit. 

So the girl was left with nothing but a half organized mind, body and soul. 

She forgot that her disaster was beautiful.

And all she could think was that she was not enough

Too big of a mess to handle. 

And then someone new showed up, and she saw how

Disasterous he was, 

But she also saw how beautiful he was too. 

He reminders her it was ok to be a mess. 

He was fierce and free 

And beautiful. 

And now, she knew she was too. 

Idk what this pic has to do with beautiful disasters but hey, yolo. Anyway love u guys ur the bestest. 


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