I am sick. Not physically sick, my stomachs not hurting and my head feels fine, but I am sick. Not cool sick, pat you on the back sick, or even ride a skateboard down the stairs sick. I am tired sick. I am fed up sick.I am the type of sick you feel when the boy you like disappears on you. Again. I am the sick of feeling nothing but anger when  your ex-bestfriend walks by. I am sick and tired. Sick of feeling like my best isn’t enough, that my grades define who I am, that ones ability to feel is wrong and everything, everything is out of my hands. I’m sick of disappointment, failure and short comings. I’m sick of liars and false hope, but mostly, I’m sick of not being sick enough. Because maybe if I was sick enough I would be able to make a change. But I’m not. So, I guess I’ll just have to deal. 4447f3302928ea93df3659dfe6673897

Hello My lovelies heres a rant poem/ paragraph and I basically don’t know whats happening in it at all lololol. ALSO got the pic from google so thats cool. 


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