Ramen Noodles

What’s the point?
What’s the point of getting so worked up over highschool, boys, crap friends, girls, popularity, money, clothes, when in the end it’s not going to matter.

In five years, we’ll be in college, poor and eating ramen out of dirty cereal bowls.

In ten years we’ll be drowning under bills and payments and kids and trying to be the best parent.

In twenty years we’ll be crying in the bathroom because our teenagers have decided they want nothing to do with us when we are older.

In thirty years we’ll be watching them leave for college and be sitting on our front porches with a rare newspaper wondering where all the time left.

Wondering why we cared about popularity in high school.

Because high school is the time when we can really live. Because we aren’t adults yet. We don’t pay rent. Of at least we shouldn’t.

High school is when we can really just be young.

So go. Tell the girl you love you love her because man if she doesn’t like you back then who cares?

And if she does then have that whirl wind first love romance story that you read about in books.

Life is too short to waste it on people who don’t matter

On things that don’t matter.

Don’t waste it on drugs and one night stands that mean nothing.

Do things that matter man. Lift your head out of the water and truly live.

Because once you live

You’ll never want to just survive again.




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