just breathe

It is a common fact that certain traits are passed through generations. A random mixture of genes have determined that many members of my family are effected by this disease. My dad and his brothers have it My little brother and sister have it.  I thought it skipped me.  until Two years ago when a combination of lost […]

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untitled no 1

Someone asked me what i thought love was the other day, and it caught me off guard because im not sure. We had been talking about how people say that high schoolers don’t feel love and i knew that was wrong, but then she asked me what love is. And i think its putting someone […]

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If I could go back in time I would tell myself to guard my heart. I would tell younger me to take the fragile thing and lock it up like your mother’s finest china. I would tell her to take it out only on the specialist of occasions, to take time to polish it, but […]

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doggy paddling through life

I never learned how to swim. When I was a kid I had no interest in swimming lessons..I preferred floating around in my tube and floaties than treading the water around me, and I never got around to learning. So here I am, a senior in high school with the inability to swim. Its embarrassing, let […]

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Talk to me

Please talk to me. this silence is deafening. This lack of communication between me and you and you and me its killing me. The silence between has developed into a man with a gun and he’s pointing it at me and you’re not doing anything to do to stop it. You’re not killing the silence […]

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I am very clumsy. And when I was a kid I lived in denial that I was clumsy. I would ride my sliver razor scooter and try to do the jumps and the 360 spins but instead of earning the respect of my peers for my AWESOME skills I received a lot of bruises. Black, purple, […]



If i could tell you one thing, it would be that I love you. I would tell you that your smile makes the sun seem dull. I would tell you that i actually do my hair sometimes because I want you to notice. i would tell you so many things. I would. But that was […]

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