If I could write a post to make you follow, I would already be famous

Dear reader,

Sorry for the weird post title. I’m listening to Cooler than me by Mike Posner (Clean version of course!) I don’t really know what to say. Maybe I’m just rambling for the sake of rambling. Or maybe I’m so busy waiting for something exciting to me to happen, that I’m not going out and making something happen. You know what I mean? If you spend all of your time waiting for that one magical moment, you forget that you make that moment happen. No one can make it happen for you.

I started this post a long long time ago. I just couldn’t update it. Why? You might ask. Because I couldn’t think of what to say. I stared at this blank page in front of me, and couldn’t think of anything. I was blank. So I saved it as a draft, and just forgot about it. Plain old forgot.

Then last night, my friend called me. Said she had been reading my blog, and that she wanted to hang out. I remembered. I said hey! I actually have a reader! I should update! It was a good self confidence boost, and a wake up call. I may be updating for one person, but it is that one person. Isn’t that enough? I could be making a difference in that one persons life. And…that’s enough for me. What about you? What causes you to keep going in life? I’m curious and ready to know.

Your friend


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