“I love you baby”

“You’re so cute.”

“Sweet dreams sweetheart.”

Boys say these things a lot.

Not all…

But a good fine majority.

It makes me want to scream.

Boys feel like

Its okay

To play

And mess

With girls who

Haven’t done anything to you.

Us girls over think everything.

When you boys just…play us

Like guitars..

Or ukuleles or


Or piano

Or whatever you play that’s an instrument

It hurts.

It really does.

If you don’t like us

Tell us.

Don’t lead us on.

It makes us

Feel alone

Like an alien

Like someone who was broken and won’t be taped back together

Don’t do that to us.

Be our friend..

Don’t be or enemy.

No matter how many times you


Play us,

We somehow still love you.

So for future reference,

Be honest.


Not mine. And idk what it has to do with this post but I like it. Oh and PS boys text better. It gives you a lot of good points and stuff. PPS This is a hasty generalization. Not all boys are mean players. Some are really nice and the Nice and sweet ones, stay who you are. 😁


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