Not Normal

“I regret to inform you but I’m afraid your daughter is….different. She thinks for herself. You may want to straighten her out.”


Today, a dear friend of mine,

told me my blog

wasn’t a normal blog.

I guess I kinda knew that

But it was nice to hear.

People really don’t understand how much

what they say really  means to a person.

I mean, I get it.

You could be totally honest

and not really intend to make this persons day,

just pointing out the obvious

but it does. It really does.


I’m in a funk.
Not like the uptown funk,

but like

I have no motivation.

To do anything

At all.

I just want to

sit and stare

at a screen. All. Day.

And I noticed something.

Everything we do is in a box.

We sit in a box.

We live in a box,

we drive in a box,

we stare at a box for entertainment

we read boxes,

we write on a box.

All these dumb boxes make me want to scream.


Maybe thats why I like running..i dunno.

I like to be outside because for once,
Im out of this dumb box.

You feel me?

Lets get out of the box together.


Not mine..and Im awkward and different and Idk. IS that a good thing? Sometimes I wonder……PS. This was for Natalie. Love you babe


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