L stands for Love..

Many people

Don’t understand

what love is.

And even though I have never



been in love, I think

I know what it is.

Love, is wishing


craving for

another person’s presence,

putting their needs before


loving every




and look they send your way.

Love is not worrying about

what you have to do the next day

or the day before,

or an hour later,

or the things you didn’t do the day before.

Love is living in the moment.

Love is throwing yourself out into

the deep



of vulnerability,

closing your eyes and trusting

that everything will be okay.

People say that a girl in love

is a silly,

little crush that they’l get over,

that they don’t

“Know what love is”

Thats a lie.

We know what love is.

We know it better than we know ourselves,

because while love can be complicated,

heart breaking,

mind shattering,


it can be the best

thing you have ever experienced.

Love is what make the word go round, no matter what anyone says.

Not mine! I wish i knew how to do this stuff. Got it off of pinterest, and its from the movie My Girl. If you want a good cry, watch it. 


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