Did you know that you’re not the only one? 
That there are people you would never think who cry them self to sleep at night. 
There are people hiding behind a smile, wishing you would just look in their eyes and see the pain. 
They are afraid too. 
They feel alone too. 
But you would never know, because some people are better liars. 
And others aren’t. 
Others feel emotions so intense that even one word can shatter 20 good words that were said. 
Others can’t hide their pain. 
They are found crying in the bathroom,
Never ending tears behind their eyes. 
Yet you don’t understand. Why can’t they hide it? You think, feeling yourself want to join them but you can’t. 
You can’t because you have a reputation to uphold. 
People are always watching. 
They never give you a break do they? 
I understand. 
I have felt that. I have looked in that mirror and I have despised what I saw. 
I have gone to school with a happy and cheerful disposition because that’s what everyone expects me to be. 
YOU are not alone. 
Look around. 
Everyone has felt the same sickness, the same pain
Everyone has wanted to be done. I have. You have. They have. 
If we have all felt it, why is being sad and insecure something that we should be ashamed of?
Why do we hide the tears? 
Crying is not weakness


Insecurities are not weakness. 
We are not weakness. 
We all understand. I understand. 
I have felt so much pain that I never wanted to look into a mirror. 
I didn’t want to see anyone
Or be anyone. 
I felt as if I was the scum off the earth. 
And maybe you haven’t felt that bad. 
But I have. 
I understand
Look around you. We understand. 
I vote we take down these walls because together,
Together we make the best therapist. 
Why? Because we have been there. 
We don’t tell you that what you are feeling is wrong
That you should be ashamed. 
We validate you because we have been you. 
And maybe I’m just standing on a soap box and when I get done you’re going to feel like I was a big fat old preacher who was not a doer but a sayer. 
But I am trying to be a doer. 
And maybe you could be a doer too. 



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