Five foot three

Five foot three:
Yes, I’m not what you think. 
I’m not the five foot two, petite, perfect princess. 
I’m not just skin, I have a little meat. 
And I’m not quite five two, but five three so bare with me. 
I have something to say 
I um I like you. 
Not like like like but like
If that even makes sense. 
I like the crinkle of your nose when you smile
Or the wrinkle in your forehead when you focus
I like it when you like at my jokes
But I don’t like you in a romantic way. I like you in a 
Best friend way. 
In a way where you make me laugh and smile and feel like there is nothing wrong with me. 
That you’re okay with my five foot three
My extra meat on my bones
Because you like me. 
And like when we were three, 
We don’t feel so empty. 
We can smile at nothing, giggle at 11:00  at silly words such as 
Or cookies
Because at five foot three with a little meat on our bones
We don’t care. 
I have you and you have me. 
And we don’t need anyone else 
Because at five foot three, I am me. 
And you are you
And that’s all we really needed to be 



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