Two Souls

There once was two souls.

Very different in shape,


And traits

But these souls were what you would consider lost.

They were alone, drifting through life like a plastic bag drifts through the wind.

They were never set down for long, and when they were they were disregarded as



These souls got tangled in


And got stuck in gutters,

And it got to the point where these souls gave up.

They let the wind carry them


They didn’t care.

Until one day, these souls

Landed in the same area.

They recognized the look of hurt in the others eyes

Because they had felt it themselves.

And these two souls decided to collide.

And because these two souls collided

The world will never be the same.


Not sure how I feel about them but I decided to do something lovey dovey for valentines day so enjoy 🙂 Also, this picture is not mine!


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