Sugar Rush Love

I think love is like a sugar rush. 
It starts out great. 
You feel fine, energized, happy,
Giddy and secure. 
As you shove down the smarties 
You are so blinded by the taste 
You don’t see it coming. 
The crash. 
One second you are on top of the world
And the next you are tumbling 
Out of the sky,
falling into a giant pit of stomach aches and despair. 
And while you are throwing up all the sugar you consumed
You tell yourself “never again.”
But you don’t mean it. 
Because next time it may not be the smarties
That get you
Maybe it’s the sour patch kids. 
Because you can’t resist candy 
Or love
And you realize that 
While the crash is painful,
It’s nothing compared to the Happiness of the high. 

Heyyy it’s me! 🙂 Not my picture but def my thoughts! Hey also you should share your favorite post! It would mean a lot! Thanks! 


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