Thinking about You

I’m thinking about you

I’m thinking about the way you laugh at my jokes

The way you dance in the car 

And the way your nose crinkles when you smile. 

I’m thinking about how you hated the color yellow but loved he color orange even though they are the same thing. 

I’m thinking about the way you moved your hair out of your eyes

The way you rapped ice ice baby

And the way my name sounded when you said it. 

I’m thinking about you

I’m thinking about the way you hurt me

I’m thinking about how you looked away while I cried 

And the way your eyes got sparkly when she came around

I’m thinking about pain and how beauty is pain and love is beautiful so does that make love pain too?

I’m thinking about the rascal flats song with a broken Road and I’m wondering if that’s the same road Robert frost took. 

I’m thinking that maybe rascals broken hearts are Roberts twisted vines. 

And I’m thinking about how that made all the difference. 

I’m thinking that every Rose has its thorn and you were a rose and she was your thorn. 

I really really hate thorns

But I’m thinking that I don’t hate her because she fell in love with the same person I did. 

The only difference between me and her is that you fell for her and not me. 

I’m thinking that you and I don’t talk anymore and that makes me sad. 

I’m thinking that I can’t seem to figure out why. 

I’m thinking as I’m sitting here in class and someone hummed your favorite song and it made me think of you. 

I’m thinking that this really sucks

I’m burning that I’m done thinking about you and me and her because nothing will change. 

She is yours. you are hers, and I am mine.

I’m thinking that crying makes you feel better but it’s also vulnerable so people think it’s wrong. 

I’m thinking I should stop thinking because you just walked in and you could always read my mind

I’m thinking this is awkward

I’m thinking R.I.P. Me as you greet her with a smile. 

I’m thinking ow ow ow ow as the two of you walk away together and I walk to my friends 

“Wow he’s so awful. What a jerk.” They say. 

And I’m thinking they are wrong. 

Because you’re not a jerk. 

Having different feelings doesn’t make you bad. 

So I smile and for I think I’ll think out loud. 

“No. he’s not. He just found the one that makes all the difference.” 


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