11:23 pm

It’s 11:23 pm

and I don’t know who I am.

I don’t know who I see when I look in a mirror.

That person is the most unfamiliar thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Green eyes and dimples great me and

I don’t know what to say.



Its 11:43 pm and I am lost.

I am drifting across the galaxy,

floating across a sea,

lost in a mountain

and trapped in the caves.

Because Life is not easy.

Life is a series of punches that hit you over and over again

and just when you think life is done

He starts kicking

and you are screaming,

cowering under a table because life won’t give you a freaking break.

Eventually you become numb.

You become frost bitten hands in the snow,

Anesthesia during surgery and emotions that are refused to be felt.

You become empty.

Its 11:30 pm and I am empty.

I was numb, but now there is nothing left to numb.

There is nothing but an empty soul occupying a body that forgot how to feel.

Its 11:45 and  I’m breathing.

Thats what I was taught. When the world is caving around you


In and out.

My lungs fill and deflate.

My mind calms.

Its 11:53

And I just learned how to breathe. SONY DSC

Picture was taken by my lovely friend Carlie Dobson! Thank you! Also this is a really sad poem but eh. What can you do. 


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