I’m not sorry

I’m not sorry I told you goodbye.

I’m not sorry I saw through your lies

I’m not sorry that you suck

I’m not sorry that we gave up.

I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry

I’m not sorry.

At least, thats what I tell myself.

Because I am sorry.

Sorry that our two intertwined hearts went separate ways.

Sorry that you screwed me over,

and  I am sorry that I wasn’t good enough.

I am sorry, when I shouldn’t be.

You burned me.

You were a fire, constantly changing, burning, shining.

I was a tree.

I was unmoving, steady and strong, but definitely not fire proof.

I let you in when I was cold but then I got too close to your flames,

and my skin couldn’t handle the heat.

I burned and burned and burned and

when you moved on to another tree, I was left as nothing but a scarred trunk.

And I didn’t care, because I was sorry.

Not you, me.

You’re not sorry you burned,

you are sorry I got too close.

And I think thats what makes you a true fire.

You destroy,

and you are not sorry for it.





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